CAN-NC Arts Festival

For the past few years during the month of May, we have showcased the creative achievements of older people in the Triad with the exciting CAN-NC Arts Festival: Celebrating Creativity as We Age.Highlighting the talents of older people in North Carolina is a powerful way for CAN-NC to promote the arts as well as positive images of aging, thereby reducing ageism. It is also a powerful way to build respect and understanding between generations. By engaging people of all ages and all walks of life in these celebratory events, we can teach others to respect elders and value old age.

Since 1963, the Administration on Aging has promoted Older Americans’ Month in May as a time to celebrate the wisdom, achievements and creativity of older adults across the country. Now, 50 years later, Creative Aging Network-NC (CAN-NC) is aiming to make North Carolina a model for the nation by promoting a state-wide celebration of aging called the CAN-NC Arts Festival to coincide with Older Americans’ Month (modeled after Ireland’s Bealtaine Festival, see Through this state-wide festival, our communities can begin to see aging as a natural process, one that can be healthy and rewarding. \

We are asking organizations, families and older adults themselves to join together to honor North Carolina’s aging community and showcase their diverse creative talents. Share with us what creative opportunities you will provide in your community to help promote positive images of aging and raise awareness of the value of our older adults. Complete the form below and we will promote and publicize your creative activities and special events along with all those planned throughout the state. Giving our elders opportunities to engage in creative self-expression, share their talents with others through exhibitions and performances, or learn about facilities that have special features such as designated art studios, are just a few ways you or your group can participate in the CAN-NC Arts Festival. The possibilities for participation are endless!

For more information contact [email protected] or 336-253-0856.


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