On-site consulting services are available for healthcare organizations on a contractual basis. Our services entail working directly with activities staff, recreation therapists, CNAs and PCAs to address specific issues facing each. Services include:

  • team building
  • mentoring
  • improving programs for more meaningful engagement
  • engaging older adults who are resistant to participation
  • program assessment
  • space planning and usage (indoor and outdoor)
  • identifying community resources
  • volunteer recruitment

“…since your last visit the PCAs are doing 100% better on engaging the participants and being proactive in the programs. I believe your sessions paid off tremendously.”

Nicole Marsh, Director of Activities
Carolina SeniorCare – Lexington

Examples of computer enhanced space planning images:






An empty, unused space with a wall of windows becomes a sun porch.





An odd shaped “bar” bolted to the floor becomes an old fashion soda fountain.





A plain cinder block wall outside becomes a beautiful garden space.

Contact Lia Miller at 336-253-0856 or [email protected] for more information.





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