CAN-NC is proud to be a Certified TimeSlips Organization with the only Master Trainer in North Carolina!

TimeSlips is an evidence-based program that models person-centered dementia care . It is a group storytelling process which marks a fundamental shift away from focusing on memory and reminiscence toward encouraging people with memory loss to exercise their imaginations and creativity. Developed by Anne Basting (PhD) in 1998, the TimeSlips Project has generated hundreds of stories that are used to produce plays and art exhibits, and to rekindle the hope for human connection among people living with Alzheimer’s and related dementia. Researchsuggests that embedding TimeSlips in your organization can improve the quality of relationships between staff and residents, and can improve staff attitudes toward people with dementia. Visit the national website at timeslips.org to arrange a training plan for your organization.


CAN-NC provides TimeSlips sessions in skilled nursing settings, assisted livings, and adult day care centers in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Nine to twelve participants meet once weekly for ten weeks or longer. Usually, the ten-week session ends with a celebration during which the storytellers receive a book of their stories to share with staff and loved ones.

Contact us to learn more [email protected] or 336-253-0856.

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